Collaboration with lookbook store: Pattern Mixing

Here is a great article the people of Lookbook Store wrote for my blog: Nifty tips on pattern mixing the you need to know. 

mix prints 2

Contrary to what  most believe, checkered and plaids, or even with stripes for that matter, can go together. It’s just a matter of learning how to mix two very different patterns to pull off a truly stylish outfit.

So for that, here are tips to help you mix and match patterns and look hot and stylish. And mind you, these aren’t outdated tips. So check them out:

1. Spread out your prints to make it less busy to look at.  Just because floral and plaid are two very different patterns, it doesn’t mean that they don’t do well together. So go ahead and wear  a sunflower-print skater skirt over a  striped crew neck top. But if you think that a combination such as that is too busy visually speaking, spread them out evenly. For instance, wear one kind of pattern on your top half and a different one on your bottom half.

2. Add solid colors to break up the prints. If you find print-on-print is too much for your styling taste, don’t fret. Just break up the patterns with solid colors. For instance, cinch your waist with a solid-colored belt over a plaid top and a pair of polka dot pants. Another trick you can do is to wear a solid-colored top over a printed blazer or vice versa.

3. Match the colors instead of the prints. If two colors match, the prints are most likely to look good too. So if you plan on wearing a black-and-white striped blouse, it’ll look great with a pair of checkered pants in the same color combination. So experiment with colors to find out which one looks good.

There you have them. It may not seem easy as it sounds, but mixing and matching patterns is actually a no-brainer. Well, you still have to think about what matches best with what but you don’t need rocket science to figure things out. Just use this guide and experiment, and you’ll be able to pull off a stylish patterned outfit.

Here is my way of mixing between different patterns… Hope you like it!

mix prints 8

mix prints7

mix prints4

mix prints3

mix prints 1

mix prints

mix prints5

mix prints9  

Poncho: Urban Outfitters,  Sweater: Urban Outfitters,  Pants: French Connection, Boots: Zara,  Bag: Urban Outfitters, Hat: Topshop


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