White snow

Recently all my pictures are against a plain white background. it’s called snow and it doesn’t want to go away. I have been craving the spring and I am so ready to wear my spring clothes. My new purchases are stuck in my closet as a reminder  that spring didn’t arrive yet.

This look is all about mixing unexpected pieces together. Wearing black and white is always the classy choice, it’s timeless and chic in any season. The ruffles stripe skirt bring some fun element, while the printed tights, the buckle boots and the boxy bag balance the sweet skirt and adding a touch of edginess. The black blouse allowed the skirt to be the focal point in my outfit. The skirt is versatile. I can easily dress it up simply buy adding a high heels and a clutch or in the spring time (hopefully this time will arrive…) with a bright colour shirt.

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Free like lightweight maxi skirt

This  is  my new lightweight maxi skirt, that I recently got from BCBG. I was not sure whether to buy the yellow or the nude colour. It was a hard decision, almost hard as picking a delicious candy from box full of varied chocolates. Finally a decision was made: The nude colour will be more versatile, therfore won my heart .

The yellow version: I must confess, I have a maxi skirt obsession. For me it is a perfect choice for the summer, since my style is more girly and feminine. The skirt create a stylish look but still very comfortable because of the the lightweight fabric. I wore it with a yellow tank top (another summer obbsession ), chunky necklace and gold sandals. The vibrant colour blends very well with the nude skirt, and the flat sandals gives freshness to my casual outfit!  What a wonderful way to start the weekend:).


Skirt: BCBG, Tank Top: Forever 21, Sandals and necklace: Aldo, Bag: Urban Outfitters, Brecelet: Forever 21

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Warm Summer Days

In a warm summer days (and nights too…), the best solution is to wear breezy cotton maxi dress. Yesterday we were invited to a birthday party to one of our good friend (one of the few that still remained here and didn’t fly back to Israel) I choose to wear the light fabric maxi dress  from Urban Outfitters (in my case it is more like a midi dress…) I love the eye-catching patterns and the way the vertical and the horizontal lines mixed together . This dress flattering to any body shape mainly because  the vertical lines is in the middel. What gives the body a slimming effect.

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Boho Mood

Recently I have become obsessed with Maxi-skirts, The boho chic look instantly caught my eyes, I feel like this is the right time to take advantage of this effortless,easy breezy look, especially now, when summer days are already here (so soon, even though it’s better then extreem cold weather)

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