My experience with Lights N’ Legere

I wanted to share my amazing photo shoot experience with Tina from Lights N’ Legere Photography, @lightsnlegere


I met Tina for a photo session at the lake shore, downtown Toronto. She was super friendly and welcoming, what made me feel extremely comfortable right from the beginning, needless to say that I immediately clicked with her.

During the photo shoot we had a lovely stroll around the lake shore, while Tina snapped pictures and capturing beautiful candid moments with the breathtaking sunset. I got the sense of how passionate Tina is about her work, her enthusiasm and passionate was absolutely appreciated and raised my confidante level.

The photo session was so enjoyable and fun, which is very important factor when you choose a photographer. Tina was able to bring my personally out and it was clearly seen from the images.

The result was beyond my exception: high quality images with eye catching colours and beautiful composition. Tina was able to paint a story through out the photos and capture it from such a unique perspective.

I can’t wait to book another session with Light And Ledger !


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Hatraklin – my culinary experience

Over the years the culinary scene in Israel , especially in the big cities like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem become incredibly amazing, thanks to the the unique diversity of food from all around the world . The fresh ingredients, the  spices and the innovative thinking makes my culinary experience extremely tasteful .


One of the restaurant that left me speechless was Hatraklin, a meat & wine Bistro, which located in a restored building that at the 20’s was considered the British troop stationed in Israel.

The original painted floors and wall paintings as meticulously restored to their original, which creates a special atmosphere, like a scene from an old movie .

But first wine 

We sampled two wines from the owner’s Yossi Ben-Udys winery: a muscat wine, and Cabernet Sauvignon , both well suited perfectly with the food.


We started with one of the restaurant’s signature dishes: chicken liver pâté with onion jam, served with toast .

The taste of the spread was rich and match perfectly with the delicious pate, which was malted in my mouth .

 The house’s green salad

The refreshing ingredients make this simple salad a winner and an ultimate choice as a first course.  I loved the roasted Almonds, fresh tomatoes and Citrus Vinaigrette.

Sirloin Carpaccio

Delicious carpaccio with parmesan and  arugula which gives a nice bite, while fruity olive oil and cheese balance out the flavours.

The meat

The restaurant specializes in beef, which raise in the Golan Heights, which is then aged in-house for three to four week.

Seared Sirloin

Finely sliced cutlets of raw Sirloin to be cooked on hot stones

The Slices of rare red meat were brought to the table along with a hot stone, for cooking by the guest in the table .

Not only it was the most delicious steak, I ever ate , but also it was so tender , it actually melted in my mouth  .

The second main dish was a generous portion of Roka steak,

The steak made from highly prized Wagyu beef imported from Japan. Shaved slices of medium-rare rump steak were served together with roasted potato and green salad. All the ingredients and the spices blend perfectly with the tender juicy steak.

Death By Chocolate

One of the best dessert I ever had !

The Chocolate was filled with white chocolate and almonds laying on a bed of fresh strawberry with creamy hot chocolate poured table side.

Another super delicious treat was Vanilla Malabie

A Middle Eastern dessert, the Israeli version to Italian Panna Cotta. Traditional Vanilla Cream dessert with Date Honey.

Defiantly the perfect finish to a perfect dinner

  • Also There is a special event called movie night, when food and banquet scenes from films are screened, while the clients get a fixed menu meal.


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My experience with Ford Edge

It’s never been easy to be a parent and juggle between a full-time job and family life. Taking a break from your routine life is one of the solution to refresh your mind and make your life much more enjoyable.

I decided to take a day off from my daily life and go on a road trip with my family, to enjoy the nature and take advantage of the beautiful colours of fall.

We packed up our bags and hit the road to Prince Edward County with the new 2019 Ford Edge .

Hitting the road with the new 2019 Ford Edge was an amazing experience.

First of all, the Co-Pilot 360 is such a great Technology.

This feature can detect and alert you to vehicles in your blind spot, while cross traffic alert can detect traffic beyond you when you are backing out of a parking spot or a driveway. You also have a lane keeping system that can help you stay in your lane , pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking and rear view camera that makes everything much more easier for the driver.

I love the wireless charging dock. You just place your phone inside the centre console and it charges.

First stop: iFly Toronto

Before we head off to our cottage in Prince Edward County, we decided to had one stop in iFly Toronto , Which is a indoor skydiving activity for the whole family and also safe for kids. It was such a pure fun experience that brought out my inner child. Its absolutely a great way to spend some quality time with your family.

The drive to Prince Edward County went smoothly and so fun

thanks to Ford Edge , that makes everything much more easier.

We didn’t feel exhausted from the long road at all and decided to explore the beautiful nature in the county including few stops in the lake and in the farm, watching the cute cows surrounded us.

Thank you Ford Canada for an amazing experience!

We had a blast learning about this SUV and test-driving it for the weekend. I will not forget these fun moments with my family.

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Alabaster Acres – a luxury tent experience

One of the best experience I had recently, was staying in Alabaster Acres ,a luxury tent in a peaceful forest setting.

I had to admit that since I never slept in a tent, I didn’t know what to expect, and I had some concerns about my adjustment to this kind of vacation. I am not an adventurous person and I consider myself more like a big city girl, however my experience in Alabaster Acres was beyond all my exception and it really changes my perception about glamping tent and all the things that related to camping.

Alabaster Acres is a family farm in the Village of Caledon, not far from Brampton and just one hour away from Toronto. The rustic luxury tent absolutely has it all. From an organic farm that producing unique food options to beautiful green fields with colourful heritage breeds of animals, all in a very friendly atmosphere and fun activities, which can fit perfectly to family with energetic kids.

I adore the way the owner decorated the cozy space. Elegantly furnished tents complete with luxury hotel vibe, stylish design blend with authentic decor, comfy king size bed, white linens, a soft couch and even a fireplace inside the tent for the cold nights. After treating ourself in a bubble bath in the fresh air, outside the tent, we chilled out in a lounge chair by the fireplace with a refreshing sweet cider from Spirit Tree Estate Cidery, then my husband fired up the BBQ, that was located next to the tent, he made a  delicious steak and humbuggers, which we got from Heatherlea Farm Shoppe , a charming local butcher, café and local bakery.  

While my kids had a tour in the farm and got up close to all the animals in the area, such as donkey , horses , chicks, puppies, goats and etc.

Needless to say that my younger son had the time of his life, petting and feeding the animals. it made him so relaxed and happy. The interaction with the animals and the love he got back from them, makes these moments super precious and unforgettable for him.      

I think that Alabaster Acres has the perfect location, since its so closed to the city.  It allows you to have a quick escape from the business of the city and enjoy these peaceful moments with your family, with all the convince that luxury hotel has to offer, so you can actually feel the atmosphere of a country without sacrifice your comfort. 

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Fun day in Wet N Wild

Theme parks during the summer time are the most fun activities for kids, however, I need to admit that for me its a love- hate relationship , because I don’t know what things will trigger Tom and may leads to meltdown. it can be a major success or a total mess. There is no in between. 

My both kids love water activities and therefore we decided to take them to Wet’n’wild Toronto. 

To minimize meltdown as much as possible, the day before,  I made a schedule for Tom and showed him which activities the water park has to offer. I love the fact that their online guide breaks down details about its rides, attraction and other things I should know before arriving. 


One of the thing I really adore in Wet’n’wild is that it’s clean and well organized. It feels so fresh thanks to the bright colours and the friendly atmosphere.  

Since Tom is terrified from splash pads, even though he loves to swim in a  pool,  I was impressed by the amount of slides which were accessible to him. His favourite one was the wide slides in the Wet’N’Wild Jr. area.  

My older son, Liam was amazed by the other adventures like the Hurricane and Typhoon, and the Crazy Kanuck, both are so sweeping and curving and Blast through high-energy water . 

The place is wide and has a lot of area to calm, also there are many picnic tables for eating and relaxing between rides.  My kids loved this place,  and I am sure We will be back again, probably this season. 

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My experience in MarineLand


There is something about dolphins and whales that makes Tom so happy.
The first time I noticed his fascination was when we visited Ripley’s aquarium. he got so excited by all the under water species, his joyfulness was absolutely undeniable, so we decided to take him to Marineland, which located in the city of Niagara Falls. Marineland is not only focus on a sea world, but also has an amusement park and zoo for land animals, so you can actually spend a whole day in the area.

Tom favourite part was petting and feeding the beluga whale. The look on his face said it all, He was listening to the Instruction of the trainer and followed the right steps. I was deeply moved when I saw how much fun he had getting close to the friendly Beluga, touching and feeding it. I defiantly think that it was an unforgettable experience for him.


When you have a child with special needs it can be extremely challenging to predict his behaviour.
Tom has difficulty in transition from one activity to another, especially when he is having fun, therefore after the amazing performances by dolphins, sea lions and whales, he didn’t want to leave the place and insisted to stay in the venue and to feed the dolphins. All the way to the car, he was crying and screaming “Everyone loves MarineLand”


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Google home mini has arrived to Toronto

I just found a best tech gift for the gadget lover (like my husband) – Google Home Mini, which is a voice-controlled speaker that can be used to play music, control smart home gadgets, answer trivia for questions and more. It’s actually the google’s version to Siri or Alexa type product. The idea behind it, is that the product is even smaller than a donut, but has the power of a superhero.

Yesterday I went to the pop up shop that was open for two days in downtown Toronto. The “Donut Shop” was packed with people who come to celebrate the arrival of  the new toy. Google gave away free donuts and the chance of winning a Google Home Mini, packed in a little pink box.

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Toronto Women Fashion Week SS 18

Toronto Women’s Fashion Week is already over, but there are quite a few who are already on my radar. One of the reason I decided to attend to Toronto fashion week is to celebrate the local talent that we have here in Canada. TWFW is a great opportunity to discover these talented designers from all across Canada.

Here are five designers from Toronto Women’s Fashion Week SS18.

Pascal Labelle

Pascal Labelle sets the catwalk on fire with high quality outerwear pieces, that reflect the urban lifestyle. His one-of-a-kind bold pieces including mixing materials like cashmere and leather, with attention to all the little details. It’s not only his passion to design, but also his desire to listen to his clients and understand their needs. Pascal drew inspiration from their stories and their lifestyles. The brand is follows by the motto: United by difference.

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Think pink

I find that women are often intimidated by wearing bright colours, especially vibrant pink. However there is something about a bold colour that allow you to express yourself and stand out in a crowd. Wearing a colourful outfit is definitely something that identified with my own style. I totally believe that fashion is all about experimenting and having fun.

To help you welcome colours in your life in in your wardrobe, simply start by pairing these pink trousers with a relaxed t-shirt to keep the look cool and effortless. I took this look one step forward and I added statement jewellery, as the necklace with the pink tassel and the fun bracelets form Topaz Jewelry, It’s a very summer appropriate and can upgrade any outfit, even the simplest one.

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