bright colors when snowing

Although the real winter has not began until now and the end is really far away from us, the retails fashion stores have already exhibited the spring collection . One of the hottest trend is a bright neon color that is going to take over our future wardrobe. one color caught my attention from most of all – the bright orange color , and it’s no doubt bouncing any outfit. Even if it is just adding a small item such as a belt or an evening bag.

When the tempertures outside drop down below zero , I feel my energy drop with them, unfortunately this has an impact (negative of course) on the number of times I visit the gym.

Although chocolate wonders improves my mood and my energy, I prefer to use another appropriate solution and not less important, if not more – clothing. Especially those with bold colors. Combination of physical inactivity and a large quantity of sugar can ruin my chances to squeeze into my loving clothes.
This morning when I saw the numerous amount of snow that fell all night, I pulled out automatically the bright orange that I bought in JCREW. Sweater made of 100 % wool, so that it was not only made me smile and raised my mood, but also warmed me proper. Fit tight jeans with high cut brown boots is the perfect winter outfit for my casual style… (However, It’s impossible without a coat, gloves and hat. I’m afraid.)

Boots: Nine West, Jeans: Aritzia, Necklace: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: J.Crew

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