Box of flowers for Mother’s day

Mother day is quickly approaching, so I felt I need to share with you a fantastic idea for a gift, before it will be too late… (Sunday is almost here)

Once I become a mom I realize that motherhood bring so much joy to my life and fill them with meaningful moments. It’s not an easy job, but it’s definitely rewarding one, especially when you see their development, their laugh and the way they smile when they look at you. It’s absolutely pure love.

dreaming in flowers

Mother day backdrops is the perfect opportunity to thank all the mothers out there, and show them your love and appreciation. This gift box from Dreaming In Flowers is the perfect gift for your beloved mom. Lona is the creative mind and the founder of the Dreaming In Flowers. She creates custom flower boxes, according to the customer request, so you can match it to your mom’s life-style, by choosing the box and the colours, and even the products you wish to put inside. I think it’s the perfect way to spoil your mother and show her your love, without breaking the bank.

Just think about her face when she will open the box and she see these gorgeous vivid fresh flowers. These are exactly some of the little things in life that will make your mother happy, believe me I know… 🙂

box of flowers

florals for mothers

gift idea

flowers mother day


gift for mother day

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