Black or white- polkadots

These are very busy days for me , so I barely have the time to write something on my blog. Between spending time with my new baby, I need to pack all my stuff again. I am moving back to Canada. I got used being on the road but unfortunately I don’t really know where is my real home anymore. The only thing I can say for sure, that I really miss Toronto and I can’t wait to reunited with my previous life : My pastoral house in the middle of the city, all the huge selection of shopping in the downtown, my old friends, and the fact that stores and coffee bars are still open after 6:00 pm or on sundays. Sorry but I an not a village girl, lowing cows are not my favourite melody, I more into the energetic life of a big city.

Recently it’s become very hot here in Luxembourg. It’s a refreshing change, but I would prefer it along with an air conditioner which is not exit in our house.    .

So this is what I wore yesterday: Black and white polka dots shirt from Topshop and black lace skirt from Mango, which has a white part as well. The delicate mint  details on the sandals bring a bit of playfulness touch, make it looks less the classy black and white look.

Skirt: mango, Shirt:Topshop , Sandals: Mark Fisher, Bag: Zara

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