Beating the blues

A snowy day or freezing weather are not going to stand in my way of looking stylish. I believe that you can still look fashionable even when the temperature is below the zero (it’s hard but it’s possible). Bundle up is a must in these coldest days, but it doesn’t mean we need to neglect our appearance.  

style in snow

Wearing Layers is the only way to beat the endless winter here in Toronto, but you can layered up in style. This is the key for a successful winter outfit and it’s defiantly a challenging one.

I’ve tried to create a playful yet cool look, so I wore a menswear inspired-fit jacket over an oversized sweater, a faux leather shorts with tights and over the knee boots. I know that tights and shorts can be tricky to pulled off, usually I am trying to avoid this combination, but somehow it works. I think that the wide brimmed hat along with all the other elements create a  fresh chic look with a little edge, 

snow to





If you can’t beat them (the snow), join them!



  fun in the snow


Bag: French Connection, Boots: BCBG, Coat: Club Monaco, Sweater: Urban Outfitters, Bracelet: Forever 21


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