About Me

My Name is Liat Neuman, I am a  lifestyle blogger specialising in fashion insdustry.

I am originally from Israel , but now I am based in Toronto.

I have a B.E.D in education and I studied  fashion styling in Ryerson University and Styling & Design at Studio 16/23 – Tel Aviv. Writing lifestyle blogs about at all levels connected in style, fashion and life around them are ultimate choice for me. I love writing and love to dress and I hope that my pleasures will touch base my readers.

I am blessed with 2 lovely boys – My younger son was diagnosed as a high functional autistic child and every day I learn more about the challeges alongside it.

Being a busy mom still trying to look trendy and fashionable is challenging, but nothing can stop my passion for clothings, good food, traveling and shopping :).

I am writing my blog like a chic diary and this is how I picked my site’s name –  “Yoman” means a Diary in hebrew.

My website includes blogs about fashion tips , beauty products recommendation , food and drinks tips and how to travel with kids tips.

Join my blog to get some tips on how to become  a mom in style.