70 VS 80s clothing fashion trends

The 80s Trend

80‘s fashion was all about making a statement. Ripped jeans and denim jacket that are very trendy nowadays, become an iconic fashion trend of the late 1980s. All these elements were taken from the punk style, therefore, bleached out denim, acid wash and ripped jeans were all more then welcome. I even remember myself as a kid obsessed with these ripped jeans, cutting off a new pair only to look more cooler. 

70s 80s

The 70s Trend

I certainly still influenced by the 80s. I love denim in any form or style, because it add the effortless look and it’s so comfortable, but I totally in love the 70s, especially with the bohemian influences. Therefore I wore my new Mendocino acid wash denim jacket with a chic 70’s inspired silhouette jumpsuit from Club Monaco and fringe bag from Urban Outfitters.

I truly believe I can look stylish even when my duties as a mom,who need to take her kids to a playground from time to time, are calling me. I just wish I would have wear flat shoes instead…

denim jacket

playground outfit detailssunset


heels and playground

denim jacket and fringe

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