Dressy shorts

Still summer, but I can feel the autumn in the air. It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over. At least I have a wonderful trip that is still waiting for me. California here we come…

white pants cm

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My new Caitlin power’s shorts

I was recently invited to Caitlin Power’s Toronto studio, for a designer sale. I totally love every single piece in her amazing collection, but these striped shorts immediately captured my eyes. I  love the architectural details and the tailored silhouette. The high waisted shorts are very flattering and super classy. 


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Beach Life

I am not a big fan of the beach, I mean I like walking along the sidewalk and enjoy the view, but I am more bother by the sand. I am always  trying to get the sand out of my shoes, and beside of that I can’t wear nice clothes to the beach, because it’s going to get dirty. Therefore I was a little concern about being their, but the beautiful landscape and the clean beaches of Port Rowan helped me to deal with my anxiety…Yep, I can keep my look stylish even in the sandy nature.


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